4 ways to keep your mind and body ready for next ski/snowboard season

 1. Mountain bike
Applying to both skiing and snowboarding, controlling your downhill momentum is an important skill
to practice in and off season. Cue mountain biking.

Even if you’re not into going fast downhill, or you just like the idea of having all your bones unbroken, cross country mountain biking or road biking are also great ways to keep up your fitness and feed your love of being outdoors.

Check out our mountain bike skills clinic in September here!

2. Surf

Surfing is pretty cool. Here at Western Division, we have access to some great surfing right in our state (or maybe the state next door).

Ready do learn to surf or improve your already-awesome surf skill? Check out our Surf camp at San Onfore Beach.


3. Study up!

Not only do you need to be physically prepared for your next exam or season of teaching, you also need to know the technical knowledge necessary to move up the PSIA ranks.

Whether you’re looking to spend money or not, read books or watch videos, we have options for you to learn all the skills and teaching techniques you need to know to be a successful instructor.

Get your manuals and books here

View videos for every discipline and skill on our new matrix feature

Or plan on going to our Professional Development Day in October

4. Make sure all your gear is up-to-date and ready to go!

Who wants to start next ski reason running around, trying to get all the gear you need at the last minute, paying full price? I sure don’t.

PSIA-AASI works with outdoorprolink.com and our national site thesnowpros.org to get you the best deals on all outdoor gear. Check out all out benefits and discounts here.

Here are some of the brands we work with that will get you the hookup on some sweet discounts through National: