The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) are recognized nationally and internationally as the leaders in snowsports education. We provide exceptional training, education and certification opportunities all while developing camaraderie with colleagues, the fun of learning, and the reward of teaching and sharing your passion for snowsports with others..

Our organization is committed to developing innovative and effective skiing and riding techniques and teaching strategies, as well as promoting professionalism and the profession of snowsports instruction. Our programs are fun, fulfilling, and led by some of the finest clinicians in the country.

PSIA/AASI is a member of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) that unites skiing, snowboarding, telemark and nordic. The ISIA promotes collaboration in skiing/riding technique, methodology, and safety ensuring the highest standards of professional practice. Every four years the ISIA coordinates Interski (the international congress of ski instructors). This event provides instructors from around the world an opportunity to share and exchange teaching and skiing techniques.

Becoming a member of PSIA/AASI entitles you to a comprehensive benefit package including:

  • Educational Programs (clinics, conventions, academies)
  • Internationally Recognized Certification
  • Educational Scholarships
  • Professional Publications, Educational Materials (manuals & videos) & Web Based Resources
  • Promotional and Professional Offers and Programs (including but not limited to equipment, accessories, lift ticket discounts, vehicles)


Western Members receive three issues of The Edge (a division newsletter that is available in print and online). Registered, Active and Inactive Members also receive a subscription to: 32 Degrees, the journal of professional snowsports instruction. This magazine cover what’s happening in teaching alpine skiing, snowboarding, nordic skiing, and adaptive skiing/riding (including tips on improving your own skiing and riding and other interesting and hard to find articles.

Education Materials

PSIA/AASI National develops and distributes a wide range of manuals, videos, and other materials to support teaching and skill improvement. These materials are available at the lowest possible cost to members and can be found in the PSIA/AASI Accessories catalog. PSIA/AASI National also has a lending library of videos and other materials to help managers and trainers, as well as interactive web-based learning modules.

You can also locate online manuals/workbooks/study guides on our Western Division web site by going to the discipline of your choice and using the drop down menu to access these documents in a PDF format. Some of these items are unique to our division and are required reading/study for taking Certification Events.

Personal & Professional Development


PSIA/AASI clinics and conventions are held throughout the country each season. As a Registered/Active/Inactive member you can sign up for events in all 9 divisions. The Western Division offers one and multi-day programs from racing and freestyle to women specific and children’s educator events. We also provide certification and education for alpine, snowboarding, nordic (x-c, skate, telemark) and adaptive.

These education events are conducted by highly trained members of our professional staff and some of the finest clinicians in the country. Whether you are a seasoned expert or looking to just refine your technique – attending these events will improve your skills and challenge you while having fun and developing camaraderie among lifelong colleagues.

Our National premiere event, The National Academy is held in the spring of each year – and sure to be one of the best experiences you will have as a member.


PSIA/AASI Certification signifies that you have achieved standards set by the National Organization for personal performance, teaching, professional knowledge, and technical skiing/riding skills. Certified instructors provide a high level of quality and consistency in their teaching and skiing/riding skills.

A Certification Pin is presented to every member who achieves a Level I,II, or III Certification. Some members are Certified in more then one discipline – or take an accreditation course in freestyle/freeride, backcountry, senior’s, or children’s specialist.

Certification is recognized in all 9 divisions and can often mean increased wages, additional benefits, and recognition. Members must attend educational updates at least every two seasons in order to stay current with the latest in snowsports education and sharpen their skills. These Educational Credits are also required to maintain your membership.