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  • September 10, 2014
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Ski and Snowboard School Training Supervisor
POSITION SUMMARY: The Ski & Snowboard School Training Supervisor oversees the design, implementation, and effectiveness of the training program. The Training Supervisor will facilitate creation of the curriculum, training tools and materials, and RTP Instructor Training system set-up. The Training Supervisor oversees trainer development and performance as well as staffing of clinics.

The training program and supportive materials will position the Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows Ski & Snowboard School as an industry leader providing stimulating training as well as attracting the very best professionals to join the Team. This is achieved through focus on quality control, performance development, financial responsibility, communication, teamwork, administrative duties and self-development.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Provides quality staff training/education that positively affects the trainee’s ability to provide outstanding guest experiences/lessons. Links staff training to performance with the guest.

2. Oversees meaningful and innovative training opportunities for certification and on-going education for instructors and supervisors.

3. Is financially accountable by addressing worker comp exposure and costs associated with trainer pay, training materials, training venues, etc.

4. Promotes and models exceptional communication so that staff and management are appropriately and constantly updated on information relevant to their jobs and development.

5. Coordinates with the management team to provide meaningful product-specific training. Assists all supervisors in daily operations as needed and to better understand training needs.

6. Administers clinics by scheduling trainers, locations, dates/times; by tracking attendance and soliciting clinic feedback for future planning.

7. Discovers and act on opportunities for self-development – to grow, improve and re-energize.

Contact Person: Kevin Klein
Phone: (530) 581-8391
Date submitted: 09/10/2014