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Western Divison Is Here For You

Right now we are facing uncertain times. That’s not news. But if anyone in our society are well suited to navigate this, it’s you and our community of pros. I want to emphasize that the Western Division has been working collaboratively with the other divisions and will continue to communicate to you at a National level […]

A Message from Nicholas Herrin, PSIA-AASI CEO

At this time, you’re very aware of the unprecedented challenges the world and our snowsports industry are going through. I want you to know how much you – and all of our members – are in my mind and the minds of the rest of PSIA-AASI’s leadership team across the country during this unsettling time. […]

Remembering Jack Copeland

Jack Copeland’s World of Skiing Jack Copeland has left us, much, much too soon. We wanted to have more of Jack and sadly we are not going to have more. However he left us plenty and we have all been enriched and gladdened by having met him, worked with and for him. We somehow enjoyed […]

A Story on Senior Skiers With Suzanne Nottingham

Thank you Suzanne Nottingham for sharing this wonderful story with us, reminding us how fun it can be skiing with seniors! I had the honor to teach a married couple each 87 years old and top of the mountain skiers in their heyday. This was the first senior lesson I taught since my training. I’m […]

Announcing an Exciting & Dynamic Opportunity in the Snowsports Industry

Announcing an Exciting & Dynamic Opportunity in the Snowsports Industry PSIA-AASI Western Division Education Director We are pleased to announce a rewarding, challenging and fun educational leadership opportunity for PSIA-AASI Western Division for the 2020-21 season.  We seek a self-motivated professional to work closely with the Western Division operational discipline task force and administrative leaders. […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I will always remember Thanksgiving day of 2010 as a turning point in my life. A literal turning point, actually, since it was my very first time snowboarding.  I had skied all my life since I was three years old, going on one week-long trip a year to Tahoe, usually in November, April, or May, […]

Skiing Into a Healthy Old Age

This is part of an article that was originally written by Peter J. Dorsen, M.D. and published in a 1991 issue of The Professional Skier. Let’s hear it for skiing – it’s a wonderfully forgiving pastime into old age. Most of us who live to ski are concerned that we’ll be able to continue our […]

Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding Guide

NEW and free as a digital version to PSIA-AASI members, the new Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding guide includes a great lineup of exercises that will help you improve your individual fitness so you can build greater endurance and strength – which means longer and healthier seasons! This guide is perfect for professional instructors who […]

Helping Scared Skiers

This article originally appeared in The Professional Skier in the 1990’s written by Jules Older When you’re an instructor, it’s all too easy to forget what a scary sport skiing is. After all, the mountain is your office, your place of work. Except for your bedroom, it’s where you spend the most time. But for […]


The great thing about passion is that it’s infectious. Knowing your “why” will help you stay committed to your dream and help others get on board, too. I became a PSIA member in 2009 so I could gain the confidence of my students and respect within the industry as a certified teacher   – Laurie Johnson […]