In August we are partnering with SkateIA – Skate IA teaches and certifies skaters how to teach. They offer programs in-person and online, and an annual camp for the general skating public called CAMP Skate IA.
On August 18-20, members can register with the SkateIA Camp to be held in Los Angeles.

Description: Join skating instructors from around the world and cross-pollinate your skating and teaching skills with the Skate Instructors Association! PSIA/AASI-W members will receive Outside Education credits for attending this camp which offers mini-clinic sessions on: skate to ski, hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, tricks, games and more. Details about the camp and how to register here:

Details about the camp:
Promo code for those purchasing 1 day of camp: Regular price is $85, discount is $10 off for one day of camp:  PSIA$10off1day
Promo code for those purchase 3 days of camp: Regular price is $150, discount is $25 off for purchase of all three days: PSIA$off3day