We Want You To Run for the Board

Do you have qualities and experience that would make you a valuable member of the PSIA-AASI Western Division Board of Directors?  Do you have ideas on how PSIA-AASI can better serve its members? Do you have the skills needed to implement those ideas?  If you think the answer to these questions is “yes,” we’d love to talk to you about running for the Board.

Complete and submit the application below to run for the Board before January 30th.

Our annual Spring Board meeting is the Thursday before the Spring Convention every season.  Our two-day Summer Board meeting is in Truckee the first weekend of each August. In addition to the two meetings, we have monthly one-hour phone calls.

There are twelve elected seats on the Board.  Each is for a three-year term, so four seats are up for election each year.

Further information on the director position and its responsibilities can be found here.

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PSIA/AASI Western Division Board Position Application

  • Upload a photo, resume, articles and any other material you feel will support your reason to be voted onto our Board of Directors.
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Getting Involved In Your Organization

By Lea Logal

How can you have a voice and contribute to the success of the Western Division?

Running for the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of PSIA-AASI Western Division Members working for each and every member of this organization.  Running and serving on the board can give you a voice in present and future direction of the Western Division. Strong candidates who truly have the best interests of the membership at heart ensures that the people elected will make decisions that will benefit all members and the organization as a whole.  

Not ready to make the 3-year commitment as a Board Member?  There are also committees that work directly with the Board and Board Members on projects throughout the year.  We are always looking for people ready and willing to get involved for our membership!

To apply for a spot on the Board of Directors, contact our administrative director, Kristi, at kjereb@psia-w.org

Writing An Article for our website or The Edge

The content for our Western Division Newsletter and our online web posts is currently by and large contributed by our Board of Directors and perhaps an Educational Staff member here and there.  There are no restrictions on who can contribute to that publication. If you have a unique experience to share, and idea for a column that the readership might enjoy, or an article that can help your fellow instructors with their day-to-day success, the door is always open for you to contribute that content to our digital and print publications.  Having a larger number of member voices contributing to our divisional bi-yearly publication creates a stronger community, culture, and educational platform for all of us. Email your articles to info@psia-w.org and we will take a look at them!


Volunteering at Events

We are a non-profit organization that runs on the hard work and dedication of our staff, membership and volunteers.  Often at some of our bigger events we can use an extra set of hands to greet participants, make sure meeting areas are marked, communicate with membership, and help with a variety of other tasks that we may just need an extra set of willing hands to complete.  


Donations to Ed Foundation

Our Education Foundation mission “is to provide education opportunities for PSIA/AASI-W instructors looking to enhance their personal growth and further their careers in snow sports instruction.”  The Education Foundation is actually a separate, fundraising body who supports the educational goals of PSIA-AASI Western Division Membership. Donations made to the Ed Foundation fund scholarships for Western Division Members, supplement Western Division educational events, and help create better educational offerings for all of our  membership. Find out more and donate here


Come to Our Events (even if you don’t need continuing ed credit)

The best way to support your organization is to further your own educational and certification goals.  We want to help you grow personally and professionally. The Western Division has some of the best clinicians and trainers in the industry all with your needs and goals at heart.  Joining us with your own progression and clear goals in mind at any of our educational and certification events is a win/win for both you and your organization!


PSIA-W welcomes our new board members

Thank you everyone for running for or voting in our members of our Board of Directors election. There are 3 who were re-elected, and one new member, Terry Peters. You can find out more about each member here.


Artie Castro

My name is Artie Castro, and I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors for the past 5 years first serving as the Member School Chair and now as the Snowboard Vice President. I have also had the opportunity to serve on the Education Foundation Board during this time as well.  I am asking for your vote so that I can continue to serve you the members who play an integral part to the success of PSIA/AASI Western Division. I have had the opportunity to be a member of this fine organization for 28 years and have seen how PSIA/AASI helps our members with so many opportunities within the Snowsports Education Community and would like to continue this tradition. As an Alpine Level 3, Children’s Specialist Level 2, Freestyle Specialist Level 2, Snowboard Level 3, and a member of the AASI Western Division Ed Staff, I have benefited greatly by my affiliation with PSIA/AASI and want to continue to help others do the same as a Board Member of this amazing organization. Thank you for your consideration and thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to serve you these past 5 years.

Email Artie @ artiecastro@gmail.com


Rachel Bauer 

People are my passion. I love working with and facilitating people in new and old projects, streamlining our efforts and collaborating ideas and decisions. I feel I would be an asset to the Board of Directors and our membership because

I keep my promises to others. This is easy to do when we (as a Board) focus on small, incremental goals. So far in my ex-perience with working with this group and our membership, there have been many opportunities to feel the satisfaction of a job well done. This focused intent has proven to be beneficial to my success and maintains my high level of reliability.

I hope to continue to work with the Board and the Western Division membership so to cultivate maximum productivity within myself

Leigh Pierini

I have been fortunate enough to be a member of this Board since this Spring, 2017.  I currently hold the Member School Chair position. With this role, I am also the Western representative on the National Snowsports Director’s Task Force.

In the short time, I have served on the Board, we have made great strides in delivering- ing on the Director’s wish list. It would be an honor to continue to serve the membership and the Directors by having a chair on this Board of Directors.

And a warm welcome to new Board member Terry Peters.

Terry Peters

Hello, my name is Terry Peters. I work full time at Northstar California as a trainer and as an instructor.

I have been on Ed Staff since 2003, and I wish to be a voice for our members and instructors. For those of you who don’t know me, I am known as the Energizer Bunny. I have been putting a lot of thought into what I can do to make our division and industry more successful, appealing, and beneficial to our current membership and future membership. I would like to take this energy and passion I have and see the PSIA grow so that there are accessible and definable benefits to the membership beyond certification. Life in Resort Towns can be hard; I want to find other ways to make having a life in these amazing areas easier.

Since I am a line instructor, I listen to and most definitely empathize with the challenges and needs of the instructors I work with. I want to bring your voice to the board.

I have tried to be as successful as possible with my experiences in the ski industry. Starting in Canada I worked to get my CSIA Level 3, my Freestyle Cert and my Level 2 Race Coach. Adding my to my development I obtained my PSIA Alpine Level 3, Freestyle Level 3, Children’s Specialist Level 2 and Snowboard Level 1. Still looking for ways to develop my knowledge I worked in Australia for 10 years. Working in different countries has allowed me to become open-minded and see many different points of views and needs.

Their roles will begin April 26th at noon.

We Want You To Run for the Board

Send in your application to run for the Board before January 15th.

The 1st weekend of August is our Summer Board meeting that takes place for 2 days in Truckee, California.  We have monthly 1 hour phone calls, and our Spring Board meeting is the Thursday before the Spring Convention every season.
Positions on the Board – There are 12 official seats (You Can find the working job descriptions here)
Vice President
National Rep
Alpine Discipline Chair
Snowboard Discipline Chair
Other Positions
Children’s Chair
Policy and Procedures Chair
Publicity and Advisory Chair
Education Chair
Convention Chair
Ed Foundation Chair
Member School Management Chair
Sub-Chair Members
Adaptive and Senior Chairs

How to be a Great Board Member.pdf


PSIA/AASI Western Division Board Position Application

  • Upload a photo, resume, articles and any other material you feel will support your reason to be voted onto our Board of Directors.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf.