Summer Events

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Happy September 1st!  We hope summer has been amazing for you, but, like us, you are starting to have snow dreams.  PSIA-AASI West education staff is offering some events this month and October. Find out more about each event by clicking on the links!
Skate well and ski better! This camp emphasizes the benefits of inline skating to enhance your fitness IQ, safety awareness, and specific skill development for Alpine skiing. This is the new Skate To Ski for all levels of skaters, including beginners and those who haven’t rolled in awhile. Demo gear and skates are provided by Rollerblade, or bring your own. Don’t forget your helmet!!

September 23 – Mountain Biking, Northstar

You will explore teaching concepts and content that you can directly apply to the trail and the slopes.  Participants will also learn valuable tips on summer cross-training programs to facilitate agility and flexibility. This event is open to all levels.  If new to mountain biking,  put yourself in the shoes of a beginner and learn something new; your riding and teaching will only improve!

October 1 – Surfing, San Onofre Beach

Join Artie Castro and Doug Fagel for the 2nd Annual Surf to Snow event at one of California’s best beaches! This one day education event helps to develop crossover skills that translate to improved skiing/snowboarding performance. Participants will learn valuable tips on using surfing as a crosstraining tool to strengthen agility and versatility on the slopes. This event is open to all disciplines and all ability levels; from first timers to advanced level surfers. The group will be camping Friday and Saturday night at nearby San Mateo Beach Campground.

Plus, plan ahead for more Fall events
Oct. 3 –Tenth annual Ed Foundation Golf Tournament, Dayton Valley
Oct. 15-Professional Development Day, Lake Tahoe Community College,
with keynote speaker Juris Vagners and more….


“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn”
Maria Montessori’

Encouraging a child’s curiosity to learn snowsports will create memorable, positive and lasting experiences. Enhance your knowledge in the fundamentals of snow sports. Gain understanding in the ways kids feel, behave, think and move by participating in the Children’s Specialist 1 (CS1) and the Children’s Specialist 2 (CS2).

We are welcoming passionate, qualified instructors to attend our Children’s Education Staff Training Day, Nov. 20, 2015 at Mammoth. Instructors who are not currently on the PSIA/AASI West Education Staff must be CS2, and AT LEAST Level 2 in a discipline.

Instructors who are not currently on the PSIA/AASI Education Staff must attend CS2 and Beyond. Contact Greg Lyons, to request permission to attend.


Children’s Events

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

Dr. Seuss

Have you ever watched kids at a playground? The inventive energy is amazing. They climb. They jump. They swing. They can keep busy all day

long on the swing alone. They sit on the swing. They learn how to pump their legs to go faster and higher. They stand up on the swing. They twist the swing in a circle and then

Children’s Chair, Greg Lyons

unwind it rapidly. They squeeze a number of children onto one swing. They jump off straight. They jump off and do a flip. They step from one swing to another.  They push someone in a swing fast or they push someone slow. Someone can run under the swing as it swings. Someone can catch the swing in mid-flight and suddenly stop it. And on and on.

Kids are not shy about testing and experimenting with equipment–the swing– even pushing it out of the zone of what it was designed to do. Kids look for every conceivable way to manipulate a tool to make it fun.

How does this apply  to teaching snow sports? We can do the same thing with our students as kids do with swings. Experiment. Try something different. Skis and boards offer all sorts of op- portunities for experimentation. Skiers and riders can slide on the tips, tails, centers or the outside edges. They can be in the air and have none of the ski or snowboard on the ground. The ski or snowboard can make different sounds, ranging from the sound of slapping a landing on a jump to the sound of skidding to the minimal noise made when carving. Visually, skiers and riders can put different colored tape, crayon marks or stickers on their skis to define left or right or on a snow- board to focus on front and back. Through vibrations in the equipment, the skier or rider can feel different textures of snow and the difference between groomed, ungroomed, firm, slush and powder conditions. Riding on a box or rail will provide a feeling of how a manmade surface affects the equipment and its user.

It is so easy to take a drill usually performed in a certain way and change it by simply focusing on a different part of the equipment, the body or terrain.

Small changes can make for big breakthroughs.

Think like a child. Think of the possibilities. Think of the things you can think if only you try!

Greg Lyons, Children’s Chairperson