Western Education Foundation

The mission of the Education Foundation is to provide education opportunities for PSIA/AASI-Western instructors looking to enhance their personal growth and further their careers in snowsports instruction.

Examples of some of The Education Foundations projects:

  • Direct support of PSIA/AASI-W events such as the Professional Development Day to make education less expensive and more available to our members.
  • Supported consistent and unified National standards for certification by funding National Standards training
  • Supported the educational and professional development of individual members through scholarships

History of the Foundation:

The PSIA-W Education Foundation was incorporated in 1993 and accepted as a 501 (c)(3) by the IRS in 1995. The early organizing committee included Greg Felsch, Blaine Lomen and Katherine Hayes-Rodriguez. The initial goals of the Foundation were to raise money to cover the cost of producing publications, such as the Division newsletter and exam manuals and to offset costs of events for our members for events such as Convention or Fall Rally. One of the early accomplishments of the Foundation was production and distribution of the Master Plan document in the mid-1990s. The Foundation continues to support the mission of PSIA by supporting development of individual members through scholarships and funding education projects.

The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Organization in good standing, Federal ID # 77-0381837. The Foundation is supervised by the Education Foundation Board of Directors.

Your Education Foundation Board of Directors:

  • Katherine Hayes-Rodriguez, President
  • Blaine Lomen, Vice-President
  • Dave Sutherland, Secretary
  • Artie Castro, Treasurer
  • Nick Treat, Director

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Interested in applying for a scholarship? Visit our Scholarship Application page.


In August we are partnering with SkateIA – Skate IA teaches and certifies skaters how to teach. They offer programs in-person and online, and an annual camp for the general skating public called CAMP Skate IA.
On August 18-20, members can register with the SkateIA Camp to be held in Los Angeles.

Description: Join skating instructors from around the world and cross-pollinate your skating and teaching skills with the Skate Instructors Association! PSIA/AASI-W members will receive Outside Education credits for attending this camp which offers mini-clinic sessions on: skate to ski, hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, tricks, games and more. Details about the camp and how to register here: www.skateia.org/camp.

Details about the camp:  www.skateia.org/camp
Promo code for those purchasing 1 day of camp: Regular price is $85, discount is $10 off for one day of camp:  PSIA$10off1day
Promo code for those purchase 3 days of camp: Regular price is $150, discount is $25 off for purchase of all three days: PSIA$off3day

The West is kicking off another great season. Stay tuned!

The Western Division board members just finished planning our 2017-2018 season and we have a lot of great events in store!  We are happy to welcome Kristi Prochazka as the new Administrative Director of PSIA/AASI-W.  She has been a strong employee of the Western office team for eight years.  Her creativeness and motivation to help each member is inspiring.  PSIA/AASI-W thanks Mitch Dion for his many outstanding years leading the Western office.  His careful planning and caring for all concerned with how our division operates set a very high standard.  Mitch will continue with the Western offis as the treasurer.  He continues to provide excellence in his new role.  Please wish both the best.  – Greg Lyons, President PSIA/AASI-W

Check our calendar page in the near future to see when out winter education events, certifications, and accreditations are happening.

for now, we have 2 summer events available for you to sign up for.

Surf Camp 2017 9/9


Mountain bike skills 9/15




Diamond Peak Ski Resort – Your Tahoe Place! Hiring Child Ski Center Manager

Diamond Peak Ski Resort – Your Tahoe Place! Hiring Child Ski Center Manager

Now hiring a Child Ski Center Manager with the passion and ability to share their leadership and experience teaching children at Diamond Peak’s Child Ski Center (group/private instruction for ages 3 – 7 years old).

This is a Seasonal Manager salaried and benefited position (medical, dental, vision, paid sick and vacation). Season runs October 1 through April 30.

Promote exceptional customer service working in a fun and low instructor-to-child ratio environment. Plan, direct and coordinate daily operations in a beautiful new state-of-the-art facility that includes; fully computerized registration, rental shop, large break room and conveyer belt lift, all in a friendly and welcoming environment!

Requires: High School Diploma (GED) and college level courses in a related field; four years ski industry experience, including responsibility for children’s program development/implementation and two years in a management position; or equivalent combination. Possess PSIA Level II or equivalent and valid Driver’s License. Salary depending on qualifications and includes on-mountain, food/beverage and recreation center privileges. Position is open until filled. Submit District Application (resume optional) to Human Resources at yourtahoeplace.com or diamondpeak.com  775-832-1100   jobs@yourtahoeplace.com

5 ways to keep your mind and body ready for next ski/snowboard season

 1. Mountain bike

Applying to both skiing and snowboarding, controlling your downhill momentum is an important skill
to practice in and off season. Cue mountain biking.

Even if you’re not into going fast downhill, or you just like the idea of having all your bones unbroken, cross country mountain biking or road biking are also great ways to keep up your fitness and feed your love of being outdoors.

Check out our mountain bike skills clinic in September here!



2. Surf

Surfing is pretty cool. Here at Western Division, we have access to some great surfing right in our state (or maybe the state next door).

Ready do learn to surf or improve your already-awesome surf skill? Check out our Surf camp at San Onfore Beach.

3. Paddle board

A Calmer and simpler alternative to surfing, paddle boarding can be done right at lake Tahoe pretty much any day in the Summer and Fall. Don’t be fooled – it may look easy but it does require a lot of balance, and it can give you a great workout. Don’t you just love when you get your exercise in for the day and didn’t even feel like it was a “workout”?


4. Study up!

Not only do you need to be physically prepared for your next exam or season of teaching, you also need to know the technical knowledge necessary to move up the PSIA ranks.

Whether you’re looking to spend money or not, read books or watch videos, we have options for you to learn all the skills and teaching techniques you need to know to be a successful instructor.

Get your manuals and books here

View videos for every discipline and skill on our new matrix feature

Or plan on going to our Professional Development Day in October

5. Make sure all your gear is up-to-date and ready to go!

Who wants to start next ski reason running around, trying to get all the gear you need at the last minute, paying full price? I sure don’t.

PSIA-AASI works with outdoorprolink.com and our national site thesnowpros.org to get you the best deals on all outdoor gear. Check out all out benefits and discounts here.

Here are some of the brands we work with that will get you the hookup on some sweet discounts through National:


The Realities and Responsibilities of Reaching the next level, Robin Barnes

You help others succeed on snow, but what about investing in your own development? Three-term Alpine Team member Robin Barnes offers insight on achieving your professional goals – which sometimes requires a gut-check on your objectives and taking responsibility for your own progress.

Inline Update: Skate to Ski Camps, Freestyle Fun + Pro Offers

Other than catching a plane to Australia or Chile this summer, inline skating is one of the best ways to work on your skiing skills while you wait for the snow to return.

With inline skates on dry land you can successfully mimic on-snow movement. The dynamic balance, body posture, weight shifting, and rhythm needed to control skis in the snow (moving downhill, changing direction) are strikingly similar to those needed to navigate inline skate wheels.

The fact that you can do it with other professional ski and snowboard instructors also means you can talk technique while you’re working the wheels. To that end, PSIA Alpine Team member Heidi Ettlinger said the PSIA-AASI Western Division is planning to build on last year’s successful PSIA-W Skate to Ski Camp with two camps – one in Southern California and another in the Tahoe region – this year.

Ettlinger said the fun, educational, interactive events are so rewarding that, “I’m encouraging other divisions to consider these clinics in their home regions by forwarding out the event summary we circulated last year.”

Last year’s camp was made possible by PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Rollerblade, and Myles Cotter-Sparrow, the brand’s marketing coordinator, said he is committed to helping professional instructors launch similar events of their own.

“Our goal is to have PSIA-AASI examiners and skaters be the point people in their region for these kinds of events, but we need to start building that right now,” he said. “Whether it’s making sure a demo fleet is available for participants, helping people know which size skates they need, or even identifying a good location for an event, I’m happy to be a resource for anyone who wants to take advantage of this opportunity this summer and fall.”

Cotter-Sparrow also added that while inline skating has proven to build the skills and fitness of traditional alpine skiers, the sport is seeing significant buy-in from the freestyle market as well.

If you want more information on how to build a Skate to Ski event in your region, please e-mail Myles at myles.rollerblade@gmail.com

A recent article on NewSchoolers.com with several embedded videos, takes a closer look at how Olympic freestyle athletes are gaining a competitive edge by cross training on inline skates.

You can also check out more videos on the Rollerblade homepage right here, and shop for your own personal pair of Rollerblade inline skates – all at member-specific pricing – on the Pro Offers page.

-Peter Kray


You Can Still Play On The Snow!

It May feel like Summer….but some of our Member Schools are still feeling the winter vibe.  Don’t put those skis away yet, below is a list of our Member School Resorts that are still open.

Squaw Valley Spring

Open daily thru June 4, operating hours: 9am-4pm
Open Saturdays & Sundays thru June 25, operating hours are to be determined based on conditions
Open July 1-4, operating hours are to be determined based on conditions
Open Saturdays starting July 8 into summer as conditions allow

Alpine Meadows is closed for the season

Mt Rose

OPEN Thursday – Sunday plus Memorial Day, May
May 29 is Closing Day

Mammoth Mountain

Open Daily
Mammoth will remain open for skiing and riding until July 4th and beyond.
Daily Lifts: 7:30AM–3:00PM

Don’t forget about the back country too;-)

Another Spring Convention for the books!

PSIA-AASI would like to thank all the members who made this a convention to remember. We had over 300 people come out for a great time this year!

Here are some of our favorite pictures. (if the gallery shows up really small on your browser, just click on an image to see them full size)