Still Time to Register for 2017 Women’s Summit

The 2017 Women’s Summit is still open for registration! New this year are Tele and Cross Country clinics.  Check out the  Event Guide for more details. Participants are welcome to attend one day or all three. Guest speakers and apres activities each night.

Register for 2017 Women’s Summit

If you are already registered…share the above link or the attached registration form with your lady friends or for those women you know that are associated with other snowsport professional organizations.

Hope you can join us!

Nordic Symposium Teams with Fall Rally

Greetings all fellow nords and those interested in becoming a nord,

Time to dust off the gear and join us at Fall Rally, Dec. 11-12 at Northstar.


Our Fall Rally will include Nordic clinics on Sunday and Monday (Snow Willing.) Whether you are preparing for Telemark or Cross Country Certification, or just want to improve your skills, join us at the Northstar track & lift system.

We welcome all free-heel enthusiasts of all levels.

For Cross Country- get more efficiency in your skating technique, or find out how to truly ‘kick it’ on your classic skis. Guest clinicians Glenn Jobe (Sunday) and Ben Grasseschi (Monday) are two of the region’s classic technique stylists. Peter Mayfield, Andrea Brideau-Miller, Chauncey Parker and Gary Schmitt will guide the skating sessions.

For Telemark- Fine tune your technique, learn how to ski better longer, or join us for the Women’s Only session.

Urmas (Golden Legs) Franosch and Dale Drennan will lead.

Our Cross Country and Telemark Level 1 Preps are Sunday, Dec. 11. These combine fun and learning, and are the required Pre Courses for Level 1 Certification.

We invite all Level 3’s in Nordic or Telemark to attend our pre-season training.

Dec. 8 Telemark at Northstar

Dec. 9 Cross Country at Northstar

For more information on clinics and clinic leaders, and to sign up: Fall Rally, 12/11-12 at Northstar

Summer Events

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Happy September 1st!  We hope summer has been amazing for you, but, like us, you are starting to have snow dreams.  PSIA-AASI West education staff is offering some events this month and October. Find out more about each event by clicking on the links!
Skate well and ski better! This camp emphasizes the benefits of inline skating to enhance your fitness IQ, safety awareness, and specific skill development for Alpine skiing. This is the new Skate To Ski for all levels of skaters, including beginners and those who haven’t rolled in awhile. Demo gear and skates are provided by Rollerblade, or bring your own. Don’t forget your helmet!!

September 23 – Mountain Biking, Northstar

You will explore teaching concepts and content that you can directly apply to the trail and the slopes.  Participants will also learn valuable tips on summer cross-training programs to facilitate agility and flexibility. This event is open to all levels.  If new to mountain biking,  put yourself in the shoes of a beginner and learn something new; your riding and teaching will only improve!

October 1 – Surfing, San Onofre Beach

Join Artie Castro and Doug Fagel for the 2nd Annual Surf to Snow event at one of California’s best beaches! This one day education event helps to develop crossover skills that translate to improved skiing/snowboarding performance. Participants will learn valuable tips on using surfing as a crosstraining tool to strengthen agility and versatility on the slopes. This event is open to all disciplines and all ability levels; from first timers to advanced level surfers. The group will be camping Friday and Saturday night at nearby San Mateo Beach Campground.

Plus, plan ahead for more Fall events
Oct. 3 –Tenth annual Ed Foundation Golf Tournament, Dayton Valley
Oct. 15-Professional Development Day, Lake Tahoe Community College,
with keynote speaker Juris Vagners and more….

Nordic Certification & Events

Free skating can be enjoyed on corn snow (crust cruising.) Photo by Mark Nadell.

Free skating can be enjoyed on corn snow (crust cruising.)
Photo by Mark Nadell.

Cross Country Ski Skating is a fun and healthy way to improve your downhill skills. It is fast, fun and free… (well, sometimes!). This popular form of cross country skiing is a far cry from the “tour-throughthe- woods-with-your-dog” kind of skiing most of us do from time to time if we live in snow country. Modern ultra-light equipment allows you to glide quickly over firm snow and swoop downhill at what feels like breakneck speed. While fitness is important in this sport, good technique is what really allows you to experience the fluidity and power that reward the skating enthusiast.

While it shares the aerobic aspects of cycling or running, skate skiing offers a technical dimension beyond either of these sports that appeals to the serious student of skiing. Gains in efficiency through improved body position, power application and timing are immediately felt as the work/glide ratio changes. Because WE supply the energy of propulsion, not gravity, small increments of efficiency become gratifying milestones of accomplishment. It’s a pleasant surprise to find that the precision and balance developed on skate skis can translate to greater mastery of other sliding disciplines.

The fun comes in a variety of ways. You can find an uncrowded trail and meditate on the sensation of skis quietly gliding over fresh packed powder, or you can group up with friends and competitors in a mass start race. Just an hour or two will leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed from your life-stress, or worked from exertion – depending on how you approach it. Free skating can be enjoyed on corn snow (crust cruising) or at a community supported trail system such as Mammoth Nordic.

Many of those who are initially drawn to the sport primarily for the fitness benefits find that they stay with it for the technical challenge. Elements of ski technique such as projection of the core, release and reengagement of the edges, flexion and extension of the legs, weight transfer, anticipation and relaxation can be honed for a lifetime.

Come see for yourself how working on these techniques on skating skis can have a dramatic impact on your normal skiing and riding. Two clinics will be offered this season:

Cross Over to Cross Country – January 27 at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center

Half and Half – 1/2 day on skating skis, followed by a 1/2 day on alpine skis – February 9 – Northstar Cross Country Center

Look for clinic descriptions and more information in this issue of The Edge and at

Bring your ax!
Urmas Franosch, Nordic Committee Chair