masterThe PSIA-W Senior program is on the cutting edge of Senior Ski Development and Education in the nation. If you like to teach Seniors (50 years +) and are interested in further development this is for you! There are no age or gender restrictions to become a Senior Specialist, just the desire to expand your horizions in teaching. Think of it as the other bookend to a Children’s Specialist Accredidation.

Essential reading for all the courses is the Senior Handbook. Level 1 and 2 Accreditations online tests are to be brought with you to the event. All pertinent information is available on the PSIA-W website at For additional information go to the National Seniors website at

Learning doesn’t stop as you age it just gets more refined like a bottle of fine wine! Learning to ski and teach more efficiently is a goal I hope we all share, so let’s get out there and show the way!

Let’s all pray for snow and ski ya later.

“Weavin” Steven Evenson

Recommended reading for all the courses listed below is the Handbook for Teaching Senior Skiers Also check out National Seniors skiing website at

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