Alpine Level 1 Exam

December 11, 2018 @ 8:30 am – December 12, 2018 @ 4:30 pm
Mammoth Mountain
10001 Minaret Rd
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
$200 + 30 lift ticket (paid at event)
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Taking the Alpine Certification Level 1 Exam is the first step in furthering your ski instructor career.   It is a great way to learn to become a better skier and instructor. As part of the process you will become familiar with the resources that are available to you from the online website material, printed material, and people that can help mentor you along your journey.  The expectation is that you are actively participating and asking questions of your examiner to further your understanding. Obtaining a Level 1 Certification allows you to participate in specialty accreditations for Children, Senior, Freestyle, as well as Adaptive Certification programs.

Prerequisites:  The exam candidate must be at least sixteen years old and be a member of PSIA-AASI Western division.  The candidate must take and pass the Alpine level 1 E-learning Course prior to taking the 2 day exam.  (Note, it can take the system an hour to update after passing the online exam before you are eligible to register for the Level 1 exam.  If you are unable to register after 24 hours, contact Event Manager @

Exam Outline:

  • Day 1

Level 1 Candidates:

    • Will review body movements that relate to each skiing skill
    • Will be asked to conduct a movement analysis to demonstrate their ability to diagnose skier skill issues through Observation, Evaluation and Prescription
    • Must be able to cover three areas of ski performance:
      • Perform a basic parallel turn on blue terrain or ungroomed green terrain
      • Demonstrate Wedge Turns, and Wedge Christie Turns
      • Show versatility by performing a side slip and demonstrate the ability to traverse on the downhill ski while the uphill ski is lifted
    • Each candidate will participate in a group teach
  • Day 2

The candidate:

    • Will be asked to teach an adult or child progression for approximately 20 minutes.
    • Act as a student for other candidates in your group as needed.
    • Meet with the examiner for an end of the day wrap up with exam results


A full description of the Alpine Certification Standards can be found here at this link.  In addition the PSIA_W Level 1 Certification and Study Guide provides a detailed explanation of the exam outline and expectations.  The Study Guide as well as educational reference material can be found at  Please note that the study guide is found in google documents and is linked from the resource page.

Learning Outcomes:

A Level 1 Certified Instructor will be able to:

  • Explain the Skills Concept as it relates to body movements
  • Understand the Teaching Model and how to adapt it to various teaching situations
  • Perform a basic parallel turn on blue terrain or ungroomed green terrain
  • Properly demonstrate turns and drills for levels 1-4
  • Alpine Level 1 E-Learning Course

    You are required to complete the course prior to signing up for the exam. After you pass the exam the system usually takes about an hour to update so you are eligible to sign up for the on hill portion of the exam. If you are still not eligible to sign up after 24 hours please contact Lynnea at

    To begin, login to your national account and add the course to your cart. There is no cost for this E-Learning course.



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