Alpine Level 2 Ski and Teach Exams

April 29, 2019 @ 8:30 am – April 30, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
Mammoth Mountain
10001 Minaret Rd
Mammoth Lakes
CA 93546
$240 + $15 lift ticket as needed
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Taking the Alpine Certification Level 2 Exam is the next certification step after achieving Level 1 Certification.  The exam is geared to student levels from beginner through the intermediate zone. The instructor is expected to be able to teach on green terrain, blue terrain including bumps and off-piste, and moderate groomed black terrain.  The exam consists of two parts, a 2-day Alpine Level 2 Ski Exam (must be taken first) and a 2-day Alpine Level 2 Teach Exam. The candidate must pass both exams in order to become Level 2 certified.


The exam candidate:

  • Must maintain a current membership of PSIA-AASI Western division
  • Have obtained Alpine Level 1 Certification a season prior to taking the exam or gain approval to take the exam through petition
  • Pass the online written exam Alpine Level II Professional Knowledge Exam ($20) before taking the Level 2 Teaching Exam (Note, it can take the system an hour to update after passing the online exam before you are eligible to register for the Level 1 exam.  If you are unable to register after 24 hours, contact

Exam Outline:

Level 2 Ski Exam is the first exam to be taken.  Candidates will be expected to:

  • Mountain Skiing
    • Short and medium radius turns
    • Moderate bumps and steeps
  • Demonstrate
    • Wedge Christies
    • Basic Parallel turn
  • Versatility
    • Hockey stop with blocking pole plant
    • Outside ski turns
    • Leapers
    • Skating

Level 2 Teaching Exam can be taken after passing the Level 2 Ski Exam.  Candidates will be expected to:

  • Teach a scenario involving children
  • Write a Movement Analysis (MA) based on a video
  • Oral MA of an adult skier
  • Teach based on oral MA



A full description of the Alpine Certification Standards can be found  here at this link.  In addition the PSIA_W Level 2 Certification and Study Guide provides a detailed explanation of the exam outline and expectations.  The Study Guide as well as educational reference material can be found at  Please note that the study guide is found in Google Documents and is linked from the resource page.


Learning Outcomes:

A Level 2 Certified Instructor will be able to:

  • Teach beginning students through to the intermediate zone
  • Understand the Teaching Model and how to adapt it to various teaching situations.
  • Perform movement analysis to help enhance skier outcomes
  • Perform short and medium radius turns as well as ski bumps and off-piste conditions
  • Properly demonstrate turns and drills for levels 1-6