Freestyle Session

February 11, 2019 @ 8:30 am – February 13, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
19749 Boreal Ridge Rd
Soda Springs, CA 95728
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This event has been canceled due to the current storm cycles. Please sign up for the Freestyle Session at Mammoth April 28th to 30th. 

What is a freestyle session? Find out here.

Please read Free Ride Accreditation for detailed information (found at website under “Alpine” then under “Free Ride Accreditation”). This 3-day event is for current Level 1 instructors wishing to teach guests free ride maneuvers on terrain and park features. This event will focus on assessing the skills needed to teach and demonstrate in both the park and pipe. The candidate will be assessed on 360s, Grabs, Rail Slides and Pipe Riding. It is a pass/fail format, with the candidates being required to accomplish all aspects of the minimum course requirements, both teaching and demonstrating. Candidates are expected to understand and incorporate concepts such as, speed, P.O.P., S.A.S.C., ATML, trajectory finding tools and overall park and pipe safety and etiquette.

• Must be a Certified Level 1 Instructor, current with membership and actively working in a snowsports school.
• Participants must complete the “Free Ride Written” found at under“Alpine” then under “Free Ride Accreditation”) and hand it in the first morning of the accreditation.
• Participants must read the Park and Pipe Instructors Guide – Available for purchase through the Accessories Catalog found at