National Nordic Rendezvous

December 14, 2018 @ 8:30 am – December 16, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Northstar California
5001 Northstar Dr
Truckee, CA 96161
Member Rates: 1-day for $120, 2-days for $200, 3-days for $280, Optional Saturday banquet dinner for $30 (Non-Members can view pricing and registration instructions below)
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This year’s Nordic Rendezvous will be supercharged with the energy of the PSIA  National Team members. On Friday, December 14 to Sunday the 16th, National Team members will be presenting clinics on skiing skills and teaching techniques. Clinics in Telemark will also be available, clinics will be taught by: Stephen McDonald, Aaron Pearlman, Walter Edberg, Dale Drennan, Will Ortman, and Urmas Franosch. This is your opportunity to take your skiing and teaching to the next level. An apres ski social on Friday night, and a Saturday night social banquet is also being planned. Mark the three days on your calendar so you can make plans now.

Member Pricing (includes trail ticket)

1-day for $120

2-days for $200

3-days for $280

Saturday evening Banquet Dinner for $30  (Guests can attend and pay at the door for an additional $30)


Non-Member Pricing (includes PSIA-AASI 18/19 season membership for new members AND trail ticket)

1-day for $195

2-days for $275

3-days for $355

Saturday evening Banquet Dinner for $30  (Guests can attend and pay at the door for an additional $30)

Non-Members must use this form to register: Event Application.  Please include your clinic schedule request (see below) in your Event Application.



PSIA Nordic Team Fall Rendezvous

North Lake Tahoe, California

December 14-16, 2018


David Lawrence

Coach, XC Specialist

David Lawrence, current PSIA National Nordic Team coach, 2 term PSIA Nordic Team Cross Country specialist, Owner and contributor to the online video blog, Snow sports director at Lookout Pass, Idaho, and author of dozens articles in magazines like Master Skier, 32 Degrees, Trax and Cross Country Skier. He is also a PSIA Northwest Cross Country examiner, divisional clinic leader, alpine level 3, telemark level 2, XC level 3 and children’s specialist level 1. Owner of Pangaea River Rafting, Inc.

David can be reached at…
Google +:

Emily Lovett

XC Specialist

Emily Lovett lives in Steamboat Springs Colorado. She is a PSIA-AASI National Nordic Team Cross Country Specialist,  Co-director of West Yellowstone Ski Festival Camp and the Steamboat Nordic Camp, Ski school director and women’s program lead at Lake Catamount Touring Center,  Head Coach, Steamboat Springs High School Ski Team (2009 – 14), PSIA Rocky Mountain Cross Country education staff, examiner, XC level 3 and rocky mountain trainer, Trip developer and guide for biking and hiking trips in North America and Europe.

Emily can be reached at…



Intro to Telemark – New to the sport?  Or, want to work on the basics of your technique?  Join us for an intro course.

Telemark Tips & Tricks – Already know the basics and want to learn how to be more efficient?  This clinic will guide your through some tips and tricks to make your telemark skiing more easy and fun!

Telemark Skiing Improvement – This intermediate course will cover how to improve all parts of your telemark skiing.

Telemark, Mastering Terrain – This advanced course will help you kick your telemark skills into high gear.  You’ll learn the skills to master terrain to keep you challenged and progressing in your skiing.

Teach Your Best Telemark Lesson – Improve your student’s experience on the snow and, you’ll have more fun too.  Learn how to keep your students engaged, progressing, and coming back for more.

Motor Learning, Agility & Skills Model  (XC – classic and skate) with Emily Lovett – The concepts of Motor Learning are well established in the fields of Kinesiology and teaching human movement. In this clinic,  we will explore some of the ways we can use Motor Learning concepts to help structure our lessons. We will approach this topic through the use of different on-snow agility tasks and connect these tasks with our Skills Model and Motor Learning.

Uphill Technique (XC – classic and skate) with Emily Lovett– Cross country skiing is a human powered sport and does not have the luxury of having chair lifts to get us to the top of each hill. Refining our technique of skiing uphill will allows us to be more efficient and possibly even look forward to skiing the uphills. We will address V1 technique while skating and striding and herringbone while classic skiing. This will be a combination of personal ski improvement as well as teaching strategies for instructing students on uphill skiing technique.

Skiing Improvement w/ Movement Analysis (XC – classic and skate) with Emily Lovett  – Movement Analysis is a valuable tool for skill improvement.  How do we execute this process with success and build excitement for the learning process?  We’ll practice Movement Analysis with each other in a safe and stimulating environment.

Downhill Technique (XC – skate) with David Lawrence – What comes up must come down. Get ready for an exciting, fun and low pressure clinic about how we navigate hills and turns on our cross country skis. We’ll cover everything from the basic snowplow turn to the more advanced skate turn.

Games, Drills and Skills for Kids (XC – classic or skate) with David Lawrence– if your coaching or teaching kids on skis, you know the key to a successful outing is keeping the kids moving and having fun. But how do you ensure they learning something along the way? In this clinic, you’ll learn a variety of games and drills that will keep the fun level high and the learning continuous.

Teaching Improvement (XC – classic and skate) with David Lawrence – We all love to improve our own technique, but what about our teaching and coaching? During this clinic, we’ll break down the key components all great teaching shares. Bring your ideas, drills and exercises. We’ll examine and explore how we can further our craft!

Level 1 Prep Course (XC – classic and skate) – This course is a pre-requisite for those taking the PSIA-AASI Cross Country Level 1 Exam.  We’ll go over the skills and information you need to know to help you prepare for a successful exam.

Intro to Biathlon – Who hasn’t wanted to try the sport of biathalon?  An Olympic favorite, come give it a try for yourself.  ALL attendees to use only the provided laser rifles.  NO personal rifles or shooting equipment is permitted in the ski area property.



FRI AM – Intro to Telemark

FRI AM – Motor Learning w/Emily – Skate

FRI AM – Teaching Improvement w/David – Classic

FRI AM – Telemark Tips and Tricks


FRI PM – Intro to Telemark

FRI PM – Motor Learning w/Emily – Classic

FRI PM – Teaching Improvement w/David – Skate

FRI PM – Telemark Tips and Tricks

Apres @ Alibi, Friday Night (included for registered attendees, additional $30/guest)


SAT AM – Games, Drills and Skills for Kids w/David – Skate

SAT AM – Intro to Biathlon

SAT AM – Skier Improvement with Movement Analysis w/Emily – Classic

SAT AM – Telemark Skiing Improvement – Intermediate

SAT AM – Telemark, Mastering Terrain – Advanced


SAT PM – Games, Drills and Skills for KIds w/David – Classic

SAT PM – Intro to Biathlon

SAT PM – Skier Improvement with Movement Analysis w/Emily – Skate

SAT PM – Telemark Skiing Improvement – Intermediate

SAT PM – Telemark, Mastering Terrain – Advanced

Banquet Dinner, Saturday Night (additional $30/member or guest)


SUN All Day – Level 1 Prep Course

SUN AM – Downhill Techinque w/David

SUN AM – Teach Your Best Telemark Lesson – Intermediate

SUN AM – Telemark Mileage- Advanced

SUN AM – Uphill Technique w/Emily – Skate


SUN PM – Teach Your Best Telemark Lesson – Intermediate

SUN PM – Teaching Improvement w/David – Skate

SUN PM – Telemark Mileage

SUN PM – Uphill Technique w/Emily – Classic