Thank you for your interest in joining the over 35,000 members of The Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI). We are recognized nationally and internationally as the leaders in snowsports education. We provide exceptional training, education and certification opportunities all while developing camaraderie with colleagues, the fun of learning, and the reward of teaching and sharing your passion for snowsports with others..
Our organization is committed to developing innovative and effective skiing and riding techniques and teaching strategies, as well as promoting professionalism and the profession of snowsports instruction. Our programs are fun, fulfilling, and led by some of the finest clinicians in the country.


Membership Rate: $114 Annual Dues
(Includes $ 45  Divisional & $69 National Dues)

You are required to take 1 educational day (6-units) every year or 2 educational days (12-units) every 2 years. Education requirements are mandatory for maintaining your certification

You can take certification events.

Level I (must be 16 yrs. old)
Level II (must be 18 yrs. old)
Level III (must be 18 yrs. old)

You receive divisional and national benefits, and can take education and Certification events in any of the nine PSIA/AASI divisions. See Member Benefits.