Professional Development Day 2017 – A day for Education, Preparation, and Camaraderie

Our Education Foundation helped fund this amazing education event to kick off the season!
Over 100 attendees spent the day in pre-season information gathering. Keynote Speaker Ron Kipp helped us to take a look at Equilibrium, Movement Analysis performance, and the ever thrilling notion of Balance. What a great start to a day of learning!  You can find some of the Speakers Presenation Material HERE

The doors opened at 8:15 AM, but eager attendees were at the doors before 7:30 AM. Newly appointed Administrative Director Kristi Prochazka signed up willing volunteers to keep the flow going.

50 year members Chris Brown and Elissa Slanger received their honorary pins during the day- congratulations to a long career in PSIA- West!
Chris Fellows, PSIA Education staff member, presented a memorable session on how to conduct a Performance Profile Assessment for Alpine skiing. Everyone was up and moving!
Injury prevention for skiers was well attended and a very hot topic- staffed by Barton Hospital
Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.
Elissa Slanger, Psychologist, presented a very informative session on Dealing with the Fearful Skier.
Dr. Bejamin Hatchett from the Desert Research Institute opined on our Tahoe Snowpack, and what to expect this coming season based on scientific trends.


A great day of learning was had by all. In a post-event survey, 100% of the respondents indicated they would attend this event again!