Project Development Fund

About the PSIA/AASI-W Education Foundation’s Project Development Fund:

The EF is willing to consider a broad range of grants. Historically we have funded projects that help disseminate information, provide education to the broadest cross section of the membership.

The ideal candidate for a Grant request would be a trainer or active member at one of our Member Schools who has an idea for a project that will help their school succeed and provide a better guest experience to the general public. Applicants are encouraged to submit innovative and creative ideas that can positively impact the widest possible cross-section of our membership.

Examples of possible projects are:

    • Travel and expenses to provide education to a remote location where our members are not geographically close to our normal ‘calendar events’. For example, a resort could apply for training on ‘how to’ set up an  Adaptive program at your  resort, or specialized instruction for your staff training.
    • Updating, reprinting, or translation of our of print manuals or resources.  Examples are: the recent translation into Spanish of the “New Instructors Guide to Snowsports”; updating/revisions to our Nordic Handbook.
    • Educational PowerPoint’s, videos, instruction manuals of subjects such as Maslow’s Hierarchy, Piaget’s developmental theory and Kolberg’s stages of moral development etc.
  • AASI-W recent update “Western Snowboard Instructors Handbook” pocket guide for the professional snowboard teacher. The unit cost for the booklet paid for its printing and distribution.

How to apply: please submit an email to  Enter EF Project Development Fund Application in the Subject Line

1. Professional Resume
2. Describe how this educational development project is unique and innovative, fulfilling a core need of the PSIA/AASI-W membership, and how this educational material project might create positive revenue for the Education Foundation.
3. Applicant should perform ‘due diligence’ to insure that they are not duplicating a project that is similar to one in the works through PSIA/AASI National office.