Members’ Comments

Living in So Cal really makes a difference for Snowboarding! I love the access to all the great training staff! I’m stoked to be a member of Western Division AASI-PSIA.

Sly Rodriguez

I’m so entirely STOKED and honored for this sponsorship privilege. I truly feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be! Love my team here!!

Russell Torretto

I’m excited to learn new skills that I can apply to my classes. I love to improve my riding any chance I get. Snow Summit is an awesome place to work I wish Winter was Year round.

Michael Becker

I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. I’m stoked to be here to get the chance to learn and train with some of the best rider and teachers around. Pray for snow!

Jacqueline Trujillo

The organization has really opened my eyes to help me become a better rider and a Much better instructor by giving me the tools I need. I plan on staying with them for quite some time because they can help me do what I love to do in a really fun way. The best people and riders I have ever met!

Christian Duncan

Great people, Great lessons and Good times.

Paul Shanahan

Being a Member and participating in these events opens the doors to my capabilities both mentally and physically. It’s shows you how high the ceiling is and how to achieve it and surpass one day.

Ryan Dunn

I really Appreciate being sponsored to participate in an event like this and to get my education credit. I feel recognized and appreciated for my hard work and dedication to the sport (Snowboarding). It makes me want to continue getting my levels and excelling my skills.

Taryn Radamaker

I recently took a one day seminar presented by PSIA – W Education Foundation and it was one of the best things of have been to in years.  The instructor Dave was not only a great instructor but he went out of his way to make sure I was apply the training to my own skiing. The experience was so rewarding I hope to attend each and every event in the future.

John Metzig

The Level 2 preparation clinic at Snow Summit during the So Cal Winter Session was insightful, interesting and educational. I was able to review important topics and learn new techniques for teaching students. I really appreciate the opportunity that the PSIA-W Education Foundation gave me to attend. I look forward to continuing my growth as a skier and ski instructor with upcoming PSIA events.

Sierra Langager

I attended the Winter Session this last weekend at Snow Summit, and I want to show my appreciation for the hospitality shown by the resort. They were prepared and professional.

Also the training provided by PSIA-W was exactly what I needed to prepare for the Alpine level 2 ski test. Our instructor “David” was very skilled in both presenting the information, and demonstrating/evaluating the skills. Thank you.

Michael Crone

I always enjoy and look forward to attending PSIA educational events because I always learn something new, it has made me a better skier, and a better instructor! It’s great to be a part of such as wonderful organization!

Kate Alvarez

My award of a Sodergren Scholarship allowed me to attend to 2018 Cross Country Academy in West Yellowstone. Cross Country Academy, which immediately follows the Yellowstone Ski Festival over the Thanksgiving week, has quickly become the best opportunity for a PSIA instructor to share information across divisions, attend clinics to update one’s teaching and skiing skills, and keep current with progress being made to establish a standardized training and exam process for PSIA. I recommend the event to instructors at every level. Besides, who can say no to great early season skiing.

In my role as Cross Country Chair my goals have been to build the number of PSIA certified instructors and increase the involvement of the ski schools so we can provide the skiing public with the highest quality experience. The information I gathered at the Cross Country Academy is vital to meeting these goals. It has allowed me to train education staff and provide information to individual ski schools to explain how PSIA-W benefits them. Next season will bring more discussion and implementation of the standards. To do this we will continue to train education staff, provide members with highly trained clinicians, and work with the public to increase their familiarity of PSIA. Cross Country in PSIA-W is keeping pace as one of the most involved and recognized divisions in the organization.

Val Licon

The Scholarship from the PSIA-W Ed. Foundation allowed me to attend the Interski 2019 in Pamporovo, Bulgaria and gave me the ability to interact, attend workshops and learn from some of the best instructors and clinicians in the world. The Ed Foundation plays an important role in making various scholarships available for instructors from the division who may need assistance in attending various educational events such as certification exams, educational clinics, National Academy or even Interski.