NorCal Winter Rally

It’s time to rally!

The PSIA/AASI-W NorCal Winter Rally is upon us, hosted at Sugarbowl, California this January 13th-14th! Come connect with friends, earn some educational credits, and ride with our elite guest clinicians and athletes! Peek all the important information on the flyer below, and we hope to see you at Sugarbowl!



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PSIA-AASI National Team Tryouts

2020 maybe a year away, but it will bring with it new faces, new vision, and a new National Team!

Information on the next National Team Selection was recently released, and preparation and training for National Team doesn’t start next winter, it starts NOW.

PSIA/AASI-W will post additional Western information related to the nomination process on January 15th. If you have any interest in learning more about the National Team selection process, please fill out the form below. You may also find more information about the tryout and the application packet at the link below.

Tryout Information and Application Packet

PSIA-AASI West National Team Interest

Interested in a nomination to try out for the PSIA-AASI National Teams? For now, fill out the information below. This form will serve to collect the interest from potential candidates from the Western Division. More information relating to the nomination process will be posted on January 15th.

You are Invited to the Operation Rebound Nordic Challenge

“Operation Rebound Vets go From the Frontline to the Finishline”
 Nordic Challenge Charitable event is on March 10-11, 2018 at Sierra At Tahoe.
We all become challenged athletes eventually. Operation Rebound is a veteran component of the Challenged Athletes Foundation.
 It is a tax write off for non vets who take the OR Nordic Challenge.

The event is a chance for veterans and active military to spend a weekend in the Lake Tahoe area. This is an opportunity for those who have served to reconnect with fellow vets from past and present conflicts. The event is designed to provide an opportunity to reconnect with first responders and rehabilitation personnel from your past in a healthy and supportive place far from the battlefield.

The mountains of the Lake Tahoe area are full of beauty that can help heal the body and spirit. There will be multiple venues for those who come to enjoy this wonderful place.

  • Free lift tickets will be offered at Sierra at Tahoe resort for all veterans or active military with ID or some kind.
  • Limited free lift tickets are available for veteran families on an individual basis. Contact event organizer Jim Cahill at for more information.
  • Strawberry Lodge is offering discounted room rates Friday and Saturday nights
  • Snowshoeing and snow play areas at Sierra at Tahoe will also be available to families of the attendees.
  • Discount snowmobile tours and rentals from Lake Tahoe Adventures
See details on the website.

What goes on in a Snowboard Level 1 exam?


For those who are new to PSIA-AASI or even instructing in general, it can be hard to imagine exactly what a Level 1 exam will be like. When I took this exam in January 2018, I had minimal teaching experience but had taken enough lessons in the past to understand some of the terminology and techniques. The exam was both a learning experience and a chance to showcase what you already know. I liked how if you didn’t know an answer the first day, but you learned and could demonstrate it as the days went on, you could still do well.

Day 1 started off riding around groomers and getting comfortable with each other in our groups of 5-6. We went over some of the technical terms outlined in the National Standards. We received good 1 on 1 feedback from our examiner on both our snowboarding and our teaching. 

Later in the day, each candidate did a mini lesson with the group. We were given a topic to teach such as one foot skating or getting on the chairlift. It was interesting to see things broken down to such basics. It had been a while since I was a beginner, but once we reviewed how things are learned, the memories of being a beginner came back to me. It has been years since I was scared of getting off the chairlift or doing my first toe side turn.

It was difficult to think about everything a beginner would think about. For example in my first lesson, I told my “subjects” to come to a stop, then I realized I didn’t teach them how to stop. So I backed up and showed them how.

Besides teaching the class a topic, we also demonstrated our own snowboarding ability to the examiner. This is also outlined in the National Standards. 

At the end of the day, we were all given a topic and an age group that we were going to do a 20-minute lesson on the next day. I had to teach an intro to jumping to adults in their 40’s  with the goal of eventually getting them into the park to jump. Other topics included linking turns and Ollies. 

Ride demos in the park include basic air off small jumps and 50-50’s on ride-on boxes.

As a student in other candidates’ lessons, it was fun acting as different age groups and ability levels. I sure had fun acting like I was 7 for the purpose of making the lesson more realistic for my group member.

After passing the exam, not only did I receive a certification, but I also learned a lot in the process and came out as a better instructor. It was a good mix of being a fun and inviting experience, but still having an exam to pass.

Writing and photos by Hanalei Edbrooke


Still Time to Register for 2017 Women’s Summit

The 2017 Women’s Summit is still open for registration! New this year are Tele and Cross Country clinics.  Check out the  Event Guide for more details. Participants are welcome to attend one day or all three. Guest speakers and apres activities each night.

Register for 2017 Women’s Summit

If you are already registered…share the above link or the attached registration form with your lady friends or for those women you know that are associated with other snowsport professional organizations.

Hope you can join us!