The West is kicking off another great season. Stay tuned!

The Western Division board members just finished planning our 2017-2018 season and we have a lot of great events in store!  We are happy to welcome Kristi Prochazka as the new Administrative Director of PSIA/AASI-W.  She has been a strong employee of the Western office team for eight years.  Her creativeness and motivation to help each member is inspiring.  PSIA/AASI-W thanks Mitch Dion for his many outstanding years leading the Western office.  His careful planning and caring for all concerned with how our division operates set a very high standard.  Mitch will continue with the Western offis as the treasurer.  He continues to provide excellence in his new role.  Please wish both the best.  – Greg Lyons, President PSIA/AASI-W

Check our calendar page in the near future to see when out winter education events, certifications, and accreditations are happening.

for now, we have 2 summer events available for you to sign up for.

Surf Camp 2017 9/9


Mountain bike skills 9/15




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