Annual Membership Rate $52 ($27 National, $25 Western)

For members of 10+ years who are not currently active in snowsports instruction, but want to maintain their membership and receive National and Divisional publications.

    • Alumni members are not required to fulfill annual education requirements AND can continue to attend education events.
    • Alumni members certifications will be considered inactive and will not be listed on their membership card nor in their online member profile.
    • Alumni members will not receive certification based Pro Deals. If this is important to you, we suggest meeting the requirements for certified membership.
    • Alumni Members in good standing can reinstate their certifications at anytime by paying the difference for the certified membership annual rate and attending a day of education.

Alumni Membership Benefits: You receive limited divisional and national benefits, and can take education events in any of the nine PSIA-AASI divisions. See Member Benefits.