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It’s hard to believe that the PSIA/ AASI-W Senior

Program is entering its ninth season! We continue to develop new clinic topics aimed at inspiring “a lifelong passion for snow sports” among the senior skiing public and give our members the tools they need to provide top instruction to this clientele. All our senior educational and accreditation

clinics are open to instructors of any age, who are interested in becoming more proficient at teaching seniors.

In spite of the less than perfect season, the Senior

Program still had a successful year. I’d like to extend my

congratulations to the 12 instructors that achieved L2 Senior Specialist Accreditation at our events at Diamond Peak and down south at Bear Mountain. Special thanks to Dan Kleiner and Blaine Lomen for making the event at Bear Mountain possible. I’d also like to extend my congratulations to the 12 instructors that successfully completed the L1 Senior   Specialist Accreditation at Convention at Mammoth. Great job!

If you’re looking for a fun event that explores two of America’s greatest ski resorts, our “Senior Summit” is slated for March 1st and 2nd at Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows. It was an outstanding new event last year. Our thanks go out to Cindy Livermore, who suggested the format. We are always open to new ideas. If you have a suggestion for a senior clinic topic please let me know through the PSIA/AASI-W office.

New this year on the calendar will be our inaugural L1 Senior Specialist Snowboard Ac- creditation. The Senior Committee’s goal is to expand our senior clinic offerings to instruc- tors of all teaching disciplines.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get educational credits or you want to get bet- ter at teaching seniors and get a Senior Specialist Accreditation pin, check out our clinic

descriptions and calendar and come ski with us, and whatever else you do, KEEP ON SKIING & RIDING!

Pray for snow.

Ted Pitcher

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  1. Paul Chang
    Paul Chang says:

    Hope you will start L1 Senior Specialist Snowboard for sure this season.
    I have seen discussion for the past two seasons and have been waiting for it.

    • Kristi J
      Kristi J says:

      We have a very solid “senior teaching model” in place. Almost all of our written material in our senior manual will work for all disciplines.

      However we have been trying for years to get a “senior riding model” written. We need a piece that we can use in any multi-discipline senior event.
      Unfortunately it will take the better part of this season for a group of our Senior Snowboard Volunteers to put a quality piece together. We need to give them time to do their best work to develop the Senior Riding Model.
      Until then I’m afraid we’re going to have to postpone all senior snowboard/multi discipline clinics. We hope to have something in place for next year.
      My personal apologies to you Paul Chang.
      Ted Pitcher (Senior Chair)

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