Nordic Discipline News – Fall 2017

Our Fall Festival is all Cross Country this season. We are set for Dec. 9-10, 2017 at the Tahoe Donner XC Center, which is rapidly gaining renown as one of the top facilities in the Nation. Our plan is to welcome Guest Clinician Greg Rhodes, newly selected to the PSIA-AASI National Team for Cross Country. Registration of $ 80 per day will include your trail pass. We will offer Exam Prep for Level 1, and, if there is enough interest, Level 2&3. Start your skiing year off in a great way, with ski improvement, teaching improvement and fun with your fellow Nordic enthusiasts.

For our Telemark members, our Ed Staff is working on our Divisional Study Guide, to align with National Standard.

We will be offering Tele specific clinics and exam prep at NorCal Winter Session (including a Level 1 Prep), ‘Half and Half” Day and Spring Convention.

See the Calendar for a list of the Nordic calendar events and exams.

Certification offerings will be scheduled on an ‘as needed’ basis to provide maximum flexibility to fit ev- eryone’s schedule.

For Cross Country, please email your interest to

For Telemark, please email your interest to

This article appeared in print in our Fall Edge Newsletter in September 2017.