The Matrix

If you scroll down to the very bottom of our home page, you may come across something new…

The Matrix.

Now you might be curious about what the Matrix is. In one sentence, It is a database of educational videos on everything from specific moves to varying terrain in all disciplines.

This is what the makers say: “The Matrix is your one-stop shop for all ski and snowboard educational video content. You’ll find related videos, plus supporting drills and content, that helps you maximize your learning time. The content constantly changes and brings to life skiing and riding from all sliding genres, including adaptive, cross country, and telemark too.

Years ago we built an app using Adobe Air technology and since that time there have been substantial improvements in web and mobile based technologies that have allowed us to create a web-based, responsive website that pulls in videos from our Youtube channel and allows us to categorize and tag these in a user friendly manner.

It also allows us to continuously add more video content on the fly and there is no need to install an app on your mobile device or desktop computer, making access to The Matrix that much easier.”

If you go in, you will have to login using your national ID you use on Once you’re in, you’re free to explore. They have content on Movement analysis, teaching, dealing with varying conditions, and more. This is perfect for if you have that one thing you need to study for your exam that you just don’t understand when you read it from a book. If you’re new to PSIA, it will also give you a bit more understanding about what we do. Creating a account is free.

So go ahead, click on it. I Guarantee you won’t be asked to take a blue or red pill, nor will you be able to dodge bullets.